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Why Is FSBO Not Working?

You've followed our Step-By-Step Guide To Sell Your Home FSBO to a T yet your phone is silent. The calls that do come through are agents who claim that they have an interested buyer but you find out pretty soon that their ulterior motive is to list your house. It's confusing and frustrating but don't give up just yet. Read on to find common hurdles that most FSBO sellers encounter and remedies to overcome them.

FSBO Sales Cycles Take Longer

You're not going to be too happy with this advice however patience and perseverance is all that you can do because you don't have anyone bringing in qualified buyers for you. Give it more time for the right buyer to come.

The House Is Priced Incorrectly

Housing markets can change swiftly overnight and it's hard tell without updates from industry communications that professional real estate agents get. You can contact an agent to get another comparative market analysis, however at this point, it'd be more prudent to got to your bank and pay for an appraisal. They start around $300 and it'll take one to two weeks for you to get your report.

If that's not an option, consider lowering the list price to make your home more attractive and competitive. If that still doesn't work, offer allowances towards repairs, closing costs, etc.

The Marketing Exposure Is Lacking

This is perhaps the biggest reason why your phone is not ringing off the hook. Selling is all about the law of large numbers and licensed brokers utilize their vast networks to get tons of exposure for their clients.

Have you changed your mind about FSBO? It's okay. You're not alone! Only 8% of home sales went through the FSBO channel. As always, The Stancato Group is always here to serve you!


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