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Three Common Ways To Sell A Home

There are many creative avenues to sell a property to real estate investors, however we'll be focusing on the three most common ways to sell a home to consumers in this article. When selling a home, people usually choose a real estate broker who works under a full service real estate agency, a discount broker, or for sale by owner. The pros and cons of each sales model is listed below so you can determine the best method for you to sell your home.

Full Service Real Estate Agency


A good real estate broker will take care of all your real estate needs every step of the way. Great ones go above the call of duty for you!

Brokers know what buyers want and can give you pointers to get you the highest price on the sale of your home.

The most valuable asset of a broker is their network. They know who's who in real estate from the best mortgage lenders to work with to contractors. And of course they have a huge rolodex of fellow brokers that will bring buyers for your house!


Sellers that complain about commission fees do not see the value in their broker or know about all the backend expenses it takes for them to sell a house. Perhaps they were so good at what they do that they made it seem so effortless! Other times, it's unfortunate that a seller won't be able to realize that they're working with a less than stellar broker until it's too late. To minimize this risk, ask people you know that have recently bought or sold homes if they loved working with their agent and if they'd use them again. If the answer is yes to both questions, get their agent's number!

For Sale By Owner


You can save up to 6% on broker commission fees. That's about $11,580 of pocket money on a median home price of $193,000 in Indiana during 2021 (

You can add handyman; home stager; real estate photographer; market analyst; marketing & advertising specialist; paralegal; negotiator and sales closer experience to your resume!


If you think packing and moving is stressful, try selling a house on top of it. Selling a house is 12/7/X work because you're always on call or literally taking calls from potential buyers; agents, inspectors; appraisers; lenders; and lawyers until you get the check. Hiring a real estate agent may seem like a deal all of a sudden once you realize what a burden they take off you.

It takes longer to sell your property because you'll have a smaller pool of buyers.

A real estate broker may be able to sell your home for more than if you sold it by yourself. Buyers expect for sale by owners to pass on some of the commission savings on to them. A smaller pool of buyers also means that there's less competition amongst them to offer the highest bid for your house.

Read more to find out if FSBO Is Right For You here.

Discount Broker


The best advantage for using a discount broker is that they charge a flat fee to list your property with the Broker Listing Cooperative or BLC (formerly MLS). You'll have to do the math and see if this offers you enough savings to offset the benefits of a full service agent.

This will put your home in the buyer's agent's radar. Listings on the BLC also automatically syndicate to major real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, and Redfin.

Packages for additional services like pricing your home, professional photography, and setting up virtual tours are available for additional fees.


Depending on the type of contract you sign, you may still have to pay commission fees. If you're unwilling to work with a buyer's agent and pay their commission, then it doesn't really make sense to use the BLC because buyers do not have direct access to the BLC.

Since FSBO's take longer to close, the BLC listing may expire before you get a qualified buyer. Relisting will increase your fees.

You won't have the full networking capabilities of a full service agent.

You won't get any additional support for negotiating; countering; legal contracts; handling appraisal gaps; inspection red flags. And you definitely won't be getting any personal attention or emotional support from a discount broker since this would go beyond the scope of the services that they provide.

Now that you know the different ways to sell a home, you may start to realize that saving 3% to 5% on your transaction may not be worth your time or the headache. Every situation is different, however sometimes it makes more sense to delegate some responsibilities to specialists so you can focus on your specialties.


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