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Everything You Need To Know About Home Inspections

The home inspection portion of the home-buying process is a crucial component of a deal. It's a minimally invasive, visual examination of the home's integrity to make sure it's safe and habitable for the buyer. A breakdown of the process is listed below so you'll know what to expect during this phase.

Is A Home Inspection Needed?

A home inspection is not required, however, we highly recommend our buyers to pay for one because a house is such a huge investment. We even recommend getting an inspection on a new construction home. It is tempting to skip this step in a seller's market to make offers more attractive, yet an experienced realtor will be able to protect the buyer's interest and still be able to craft an appealing offer for the seller(s).

Choose A Professional Home Inspector

When searching for a home inspector, find one that is licensed, bonded, and insured. A great inspector is experienced enough to warn you about current hazards and lets you know about foreseeable problems that can arise. and coaches you on how to mitigate smaller issues before they turn into an expensive headache.

What Does An Inspector Look For?

A home inspector will be able to recognize visible flaws regarding the safety, mechanical health, and structural integrity of the house. An excellent, experienced home inspector will be able to help you understand the difference between a major defect that needs further investigation and attention by the current owner and a flaw that can be corrected with a little know-how or handyman work. Inspectors should not have a pass/fail attitude. Their attitude should be one of how to make the home safe and up to code.

What Inspectors Do Not Look For?

Home inspectors do not look for cosmetic flaws, however, a good one should be able to spot whether it's a symptom of a bigger issue. For example, cracked paint is not uncommon however, it may be indicative of humidity or moisture issues.

Inspection Costs

The cost of a house inspection depends on a couple of factors such as the square feet, type of foundation, and whether extra tests, e.g. radon, need to be conducted.

Home Inspectors We Highly Recommend

We DO NOT get referrals or kickbacks for these recommendations. We just trust them enough to inspect our own homes!


First Choice Home Inspector

(317) 750-4160


Pillar To Post - The Jon Carrothers Team

(317) 550-4044


The BrickKicker

(317) 356-5555

Getting Ready For Inspection Day

We have a list of common questions for you to ask your home inspector. Some are for thought and you do not need to ask all of the questions.

Inspection Questions for Home Buyers
Download DOCX • 28KB

Inspection Day

Seller(s) should vacate the property so that the buyer(s) can have time and space with the inspector during the inspection timeframe. The inspector will explain their findings to the buyer(s) as they go. This is also a great opportunity for buyers to take measurements of the rooms and visualize where their furniture will go.

Great agents show up to the inspection to represent their buyers and see if they have any major concerns or further questions to ask the inspector. This will also prepare the agent once the inspection report is issued so there are no surprises to overlook something that needs attention.

The basic areas that will be covered by the inspector are:

  • Property Grounds and Exterior Structure(s)

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Attic

  • Interior Rooms

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Basement (If Applicable)

Inspection Report

The inspection report will take about one to two business days to issue once all the test results have come back. It shows the areas that were covered and reports the findings. If there are concerns, the report will show recommended actions

It can be lengthy and overwhelming so share it with your agent and he or she will walk you through each item to see whether there is anything worth bringing up to the seller(s).

You do not have to share your inspection report with the seller(s) unless there is something that you would like for them to address.

What Happens If Something Of Concern Is Found?

There's no reason to panic. Your realtor will guide you to see if a specialized contractor needs to come out and take a closer look or even if it's something as simple as asking the owner.

Final Walk-Thru

A final walk-thru is done right before or the day before the scheduled closing. This is the time to ensure that the seller(s) have moved out and that everything has been fixed to satisfaction according to the inspection response.

Handyman Services

We DO NOT get referrals or kickbacks for these recommendations. We trust them so much that we personally use their services!


Small Jobs, Etc.



Tooling Around, LLC



Design To Done, LLC



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