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Stancato Group sells homes using a proven, aggressive marketing strategy. We will showcase your home to the public using a variety of professional communications tailored to reach as many of your potential buyers as possible.

When designing these marketing items we use professional photographers and, if appropriate, staging companies, to place your home in the most attractive light possible. 





Examples of the many different ways we market your home include:

Direct Mail


Your home and its unique qualities are singularly on display in these individual mailers.


Monthly Statistic Reports


We send these informative reports to large groups of buyers in a particular market area, keeping them informed of our current listings, your home included!

Social Media Ads

We feature your listing, with boosted advertising, every two weeks. Focusing on Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn allows us to reach potential buyers in the wide reach of these social media giants.


Property Flyers


We keep full-color professionally-finished custom flyers in stock at each listing to remind potential buyers of all the attributes of your beautiful home.


Brochures & Promotions


We stay at the forefront of the market by promoting our company and your property to many viewers on various fronts.


Regular Feedback


Our personalized data summary is sent to you via e-mail, fax or phone, tracking the showings, tours, and online viewings your home is getting. We also provide constant communication-we are always available to take your call.


Unlimited Open Houses

We believe in the power of an open house selling a home and offer unlimited open houses and realtor tours on our listings.



Contact us today if you would like to sell your home quickly and at the top of your market!

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